September 22, 2006

Ms Blears? Please fuck off and die

The market for seats in the House of Lords having become a little difficult Labour is looking for other ways of paying for itself. They could try engaging with their members to rase funds, or even appeal to people to increase their membership. But the idea of a mass membership party is just soooo old Labour. No there is a better way; use their position as the party of government to use the state to take money for their personal benefit.

How shall I put this? Fuck off and die you scrounging cunts. If I thought that the Labour Party where worth shit maybe I would join up and give it some of my money, as it is I would not be willing to piss on it if it was on fire. Labour is a party lead by such authoriarian dick heads that it makes even Michael Howard look warm and fluffy. Keeping those jackboots so very, very shiny might cost a lot in polish, but it is the Labour leadership's choice to wear them. The labour party already syphons tax payers money into it's own coffers via non-jobs for it's union paymaters (laundered through the Unity Trust Bank). You want my money? Earn it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate the labour party they are pure scum and should be banned. They aint gonna get any of my taxes

4:22 pm  

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